Domestic factoring is a complex cash flow improvement financial service. Cash flow can seriously be affected by deferred payment sales to foreign customers. This service comprises management, funding, securing and collection of domestic customer receivables.

We ensure:

  • smooth payment of your domestic receivables (invoices) within approved limit
  • advance payment of up to 90% of nominal invoice value within 48 hours, if you have a bank account with Ceska sporitelna Bank your money are available immediately
  • in case of regression free factoring - overdue or non-payment risk take over
  • invoice collection and management as well as detailed statistical information
  • eFactoring - an internet application providing you with on-line access to up-to-date information


How does domestic factoring work?

Classical Factoring diagram 2023


Service charges

Factoring service charges vary following the scope of provided services. Basically, the charges consist of two items:

  • Factoring fee - cost of processing of your sales and cost of insolvency protection. This fee normally varies between 0.3 and 1.5% of receivable nominal value.
  • Interest rate - standard interest rate of retail banks on short term loans.


Datasheet (pdf)